Pita Way is quickly becoming know as an up and coming healthy fast casual food restaurant, focusing on Mediterranean food. Its recipes take a holistic approach in introducing various Mediterranean flavors to curious eaters with equally inquisitive palates. For this, it has since been rewarded with a steady flow of frequenters who mean to indulge their Mediterranean food cravings any day of the week.

It’s a given that the said cuisine is already healthy, but Pita Way goes the limit by ensuring that we make our homemade food using only the freshest ingredients, while always being driven by innovation. We complement this with the homey, modern environment that we foster in our establishments. In turn, this allows us to seamlessly blend practical American food service that doesn’t sacrifice food quality, which takes its strength from familiar Mediterranean flavors that people can indulge in without any guilt whatsoever.

The Franchisees We Seek

We are looking for franchisees who see the concept of Mediterranean fast casual restaurants the same way. It’s not for nothing that this category is quickly on the rise as it blends incredible flavors with healthy living.


The following are the minimum requirements that potential franchisees must meet for them to become eligible for a Pita Way franchise.

  • A net worth of at least $500K
  • A liquid capital of $250K
  • Eager to handle and develop multiple units in a territory

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