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Love What You Eat!

The choices are phenomenal. The possibilities are endless. The taste is fantastic! Pita Way delivers flavorful, healthy Mediterranean food that’s served up fast – and it’s a taste you won’t get anywhere else.

All of our food is fresh, hand-picked, locally sourced, and prepared to order using only the best ingredients – and it’s all made in-house using our own old-world recipes. We make our own marinade, and marinate our meats for 24 hours or more. Our breads are sourced from the famous Yasmeen Bakery. Our amazing baklava? Fresh from the baklava experts – Shatila Bakery in Dearborn.

Go ahead, the choice is yours. Choose from five meats, 33 fillings, and hand-picked Eastern Market produce to create a Mediterranean food sensation that’s entirely your own – and absolutely delicious.

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